Acutek has serviced a host of clients over the past 25 years. Here are a few of our industry specific solutions and clients. Click on each industry for a complete description.


Acutek has successfully developed a solutions to recondition essential parts and ensure proper disposal of materials.


Acutek has offered a myriad of solutions for the automated production of automobiles and ancillary parts & components. Our systems ensure efficient use of materials and minimize waste.

Consumer Products

Solutions have been provided for the automated production and programming of personal care and beauty products.

Food & Beverage

We have delivered strategies to manage output & inventory for an array of food & beverage products. Quality assurance controls and reducing downtime are among the benefits we have provided our clients.

Gift & Loyalty Cards

From card production, to unique coding techniques, inventory management & activation Acutek manages the entire process for some of the largest clients in the industry,.

Industrial Machinery

Acutek provides custom solutions for any Original Equipment Manufacturer of niche machinery company. Simply put, we can make the production and quality of your products better.


Acutek offers innovative, industry-leading technology to offer custom packaging solutions to clients of all types.


Acutek offers innovative, industry-leading technology to offer custom controls and production solutions to pharmaceutical clients.

Specialty Manufacturing

From specialty platics & composites, to rubber products, to specialty metal manufacturing Acutek has done it all. No matter your product, Acutek can help.